Code for working with the DLN distribution

You can find Matlab code that implements the CDF, PDF, Inverse-CDF, random number generator, moments calculator, and parameter fitting for the DLN distribution, as well as Matlab code for the Multi-variate DLN, implementing the MVDLN CDF, PDF, and random number generator.

The xtewreg Stata command

If you just want to get the Stata command, use [. ssc install xtewreg] from your Stata console. You can then use [. help xtewreg] to learn more about how to use the command.

If you’d like to view the command source code or make changes, the code is available on my GitHub.

Downloading N-SAR forms from the SEC EDGAR

You can find Python + Stata code to deal with downloading, parsing and analyzing N-SAR data from EDGAR on my GitHub